How do I cancel a loan agreement?

Credi allows you to mark a loan as cancelled inside the platform. This will notify both parties of the loan cancellation, once agreed the loan will be marked as cancelled in your Credi account. The ‘Cancel Loan Action’ is under the ‘Loan Action’ drop down on the top right of the manage loan page.

How do I add an extra repayment to a loan?

To add manual payments click on the ‘Loan’ icon at the top of the dashboard page. From the list of loans, click on ‘Manage’ icon from the loan to add the extra payment (right-hand side). Scroll down the ‘manage a loan’ page up to the ‘Manage Repayments’ section and click on the ‘Add a Payment’ […]

How are repayments managed in Credi?

On the Manage Loan page, below your agreement details, you will see the Manage Repayments section. Here you can view your repayment schedule and your repayment transactions. At the top of the repayment schedule, you’ll see the initial disbursement amount. This is the full amount lent. Below this is the repayment schedule with the planned […]

What are the minimum system requirements?

The Credi platform supports the following browsers listed below: Chrome 54 and later Firefox 48 and later Safari 10 or later Microsoft Edge Unfortunately, Credi does not support any version of Internet Explorer. For the best experience, we recommend downloading the newest version of your preferred browser. To make sure works to the best of […]

Can I build an interest only loan?

Yes, you can! The way to build an interest only loan in the Credi platform is to enter the same amount in the fields ‘loan amount’ and select ‘balloon amount’, as well as entering your interest rate of course. The periodic repayment schedule will then reflect interest only payments with the final payment being the […]