Would Credi work in my country?

Credi is offered to over 50 countries around the world. Credi.com calculates loans in the currency of your selected country and the Credi loan agreement is governed by the law in the country that the borrower resides in. This may mean that Credi is applicable and usable by you.

How much does Credi cost?

At Credi, we have a clear and simple fee structure. All loans on the Credi platform under $2,000 are free of charge. For loans over $2,000, Credi charges a one-off fee of $88 AUD including GST.

This enables repayment reminders to the borrower and also allows you to manage the status of your repayments, add additional repayments as they occur.

Would Credi work on Mac?

Yes, Credi works across all devices: desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile.

What is friends, family and businesses relationship lending?

A friends, family and businesses relationship loan is a type of Peer-to-Peer lending (P2P). These types of loans are part of a fast growing trend of people lending/borrowing money to each other without the intermediary of a bank or financial institution. Often P2P loans are unsecured loans, which means the lender does not require the borrower to pledge assets or belongings as collateral.

How is Credi different from P2P lenders like Circlender, Lending Club, Zopa, Yirendai, etc?

Credi is not a lending marketplace and does not connect users to lenders. Credi is simply a platform that a lender and borrower use to facilitate their loan, making the process easier to manage and formalised all in one place.

Credi allows you to build your loan, varying terms such as loan amount, term, interest rate, repayments using the loan builder functionality until they are right for you. Then you personalise the loan request and send it to one or more people, accept, negotiate or reject offers and once two parties agree, a loan agreement is e-signed. Communications and alerts will advise of forthcoming repayments on the due date and the repayment will be recorded or amended and the loan record updated.

The Borrower and Lender deal directly with each other, setting up the loan parameters, negotiating and agreeing on the document.

Does Credi guarantee repayment of loans?

Credi does not guarantee repayment of loans. Lenders fund loans at their own risk and goodwill to help out a friend, family member or business acquaintance.

Does Credi evaluate user’s creditworthiness?

No, we don’t perform credit checks or any other credit assessment. The creditworthiness of a borrower is determined only by the lender who knows the borrower well (and vice versa). We have no control over and do not guarantee the ability or intention of any borrower to repay a loan.

Is Credi a money lending company?

No, Credi Pty Ltd is not a money lending company. At Credi, we only provide you with the Credi platform to facilitate the management of your loan information, formalise it, track repayments and record updates.

How does Credi work?

Credi is a web-based app specially designed to allow you to create, manage and automate your personal lending with friends, family members and business acquaintances. Credi does not lend money, it is simply the software that helps you manage and formalise your lending and borrowing with another party. Credi is designed and commercialised by Credi Pty Ltd Australia (Credi).