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The online platform for managing loan agreements

between family, friends, and colleagues

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Create and manage loan agreements

between family, friends, and colleagues.

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Why Use Credi?

  • Prevent Disagreements

    Seamlessly manage your application and agreements avoiding disputes.

  • Spend Less Time Worrying

    Create loan agreements in under 5 minutes.

  • Stay Organised

    Notifications are automatically sent to the borrower when repayments are overdue, forgiven, cleared or failed.

  • Stay Flexible

    All changes are recorded and communicated – keeping everyone up to date.

Credi 5 Steps – 5 Minutes

Loan agreements between family, friends and colleagues.



Create a completely customisable loan agreement in minutes.



Share your newly created loan agreement with an interested party.



Credi let’s both parties customise the loan until you’re happy to sign the contract.



Loan agreements are eSIGNED by both parties and the documentation issued.



Never miss a repayment with Credi’s unique loan management platform.

Why do people use Credi?

In many cases, when people lend or borrow from family and friends the terms and agreements of the loan are not formalised or documented in writing. As a result, issues can arise and sometimes relationships are left in ruins. People use Credi to formalise their loans and then manage them – protecting their relationships and avoiding disagreements.

Credi changes the way people lend to each other by providing them with a platform to create, negotiate and accept loan agreements with the people they know and trust. Credi loan agreement, relationship lending, division 7a loans and repayment management online platform offers users transparency, flexibility, and formality to informal loan agreements in Australia.

Choose the right platform for you…

I am lending/borrowing money with someone I know

A family member, friend or business colleague.

  • Loan Builder
  • eSigned Agreements
  • Manage Repayments
  • Agreement Generation
  • Repayment Notifications

I am a financial professional

I want to administer loans on my client’s behalf to prevent their agreements going undocumented.

  • Credi Premium Features
  • Administer Basic, Division 7A and Secured agreements
  • Communications Engine
  • Statements & Reports

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