Market Research by Vox Pops in the UK

Market research in the form of interviews on the street with locals, by Vox Pops, highlights the influence of the Bank of Mum and Dad in the UK. Vox Pops short 50-second video shows select subjects sharing their views and experiences of the Bank of Mum and Dad in their lives. Ranging from teenagers parents who’ve admitted to financially supporting their kids, to young adults admitting they still living at home with their parents. This Market research is just one of many publications showing both the negatives and positive effects of the Bank of mum and dad, and ultimately the impact they have in the United Kingdom.


Market Research of Bomad in UK


Credit: Titan Events and Vox Pops

Source: Vox Pops via Youtube




Wealth gap rises as home ownership falls

Wealth Gap Rises

The Resolution Foundation completed research into the wealth gap in Britain, establishing that half the nation’s wealth belongs to one tenth of adults as property market and ownership declines. This decline, in turn, plays a key role in the return of the rising wealth inequality across the nation.

Credit: Michael Savage




BOMAD helps a third of second-steppers

BOMAD and second steppers

Research by Lloyd Bank has shown that nearly one-third of home overs that are looking to move up in the property market are seeking financial help from BOMAD. Banks estimated that on average they need £21,231 extra to take the step to their future property.

Credit: Hannah Nemeth