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Manage Risk With Loans With Registered Security

You may be lending to a trusted party, maybe your own company however with tough times looming it wise to think about how you can manage risk on loans you make.  As well as documenting your loan Credi’s ‘Do It For Me‘ team can  quickly set up loans that help a lender further protect themselves by registering a security interest with the The Personal Property Securities Register  PPSR, giving you priority in the event of the borrower going bust.

Benefits of a Security Interest

  • If a borrower goes into liquidation lenders with a registered security interest may have priority rights over the assets  specified in the loan agreements security clauses and registered with the PPSR
  • Depending on the nature of the asset the lenders rights to take possession  of the assets are clearer.

How to Register a Security Interest for a Loan

  • Setting up registered security interest loans are handled by  our ‘Do It For Me’ service team.
  • Credi can also look into registering a security interest as an add on to your existing Credi loan  agreement, contact 
  • Please note Credi Pty Ltd  is not a provider of legal advice see our disclaimer.

Costs to Secure a Loan

  • AUD$399 ex gst – We setup your loan agreement with registered security
  • Don’t want  want registered security and want to go  DIY? It’s  only A$20 for loans over A$5,000 and free for loans under, give it a try now.

Assets for a Security Interest

Lenders can accept a wide range of your assets as security for a loan, almost anything of value. There are four broad categories of personal property (assets) that a lender can register a security interest in, personal property is all forms of property other than real estate. The Credi DIFM concierge team will guide you through the options

  • General property
  • Tangible property including; vehicles, machinery, stock in trade, art, crops & livestock.
  • Intangible property including intellectual property, patents, copyright & licenses.
  • Financial property including; shares, debentures, bonds, assignable options  or foreign exchange contracts.
  •

What is the PPSR?

In Australia the Personal Property Securities Register  (PPSR) is a government run single, national online database that shows you whether someone is claiming an interest in goods or assets. It provides information to help protect consumers when they are buying personal property such as cars, boats or artworks (not including land or buildings). Read the Australian Government guide to PPSR 

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