Next Steps & Details of Parties to Loan Agreement Needed

Next Steps & Details of Parties to Loan Agreement Needed​

What Happens Next 

  1. YOU provide details about yourself & business via the form below
  2. WE will document the loan agreement between the business & yourself & send it to you
  3. YOU Check you are happy with it and E-signed it. 
  4. WE will then send you an instalment payment request for A$133 ex gst which you need to pay
  5. WE will  register your security interest with the Government and send you official confirmation

✓ Your loan agreement & security interest  are now formalised

Enter Lender & Borrower Details

We will need details of the parties to the loan agreement, eg if ‘Samuel Smith’ is the owner of ‘Smith Enterprise Pty Ltd’ and the companies has or will owe him money then  ‘Samuel Smith’  is the lender &  ‘Smith Enterprise Pty Ltd’  is the borrower.

Got Any Questions

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