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Do It For Me (DIFM) Loan Setup Concierge Service

There are many different ways businesses or individuals use Credi  which makes documenting and managing loans between people and entities who know and trust each other quick & easy.

Our DIY solution is  free or  minimal cost but if your short of time or need  help getting your loan setup quickly our DIFM concierge team can ‘Do It For You’ from A$299.

Popular uses for Credi’s DIFM service include setting up:

  • Small business owners line of credit loans to their own company with a registered security Interest. In the  event their business goes bust they are not last in line to get paid back.
  • Founders funding their startups with documented fixed  amount loans rather than cash put in as capital, this  can make taking cash back out of the business (when appropriate) tax  efficient.

Checkout next steps below

Do It For Me Pricing

  • A$399 ex gst – We setup your loan agreement with registered security
  • A$299 ex gst – We setup a loan agreement without registered security
  • Don’t want  want registered security and want to go  DIY it’s  only A$20 for loans over A$5000 and free for loans under, give it try now.

Next Steps

To get started:

  • just email  with subject ‘loan setup’ and we will respond within  an hour with  a couple of questions and information we need to progress setting up your loan for you.
  • Prefer to use SMS to communicate just text ‘loan setup’ and we will respond by SMS
  • Prefer to discuss it over the phone  just email  or sms ”book call re loan setup’ and we can set up a time to talk  that suits you.

Information Needed for Setup

For our DIFM team to setup your loan we will need you to provide the below information

  • Full legal name of the lending entity, that might be you as business owner lending to your own company.
  • Full legal name of the borrowing entity eg your company as it appears in the Australian Business Register
  • The Full legal name(s) of the people signing on behalf of the borrower entity, this could be the directors of your company which may include  yourself.