Credi Solutions & Uses

Credi makes documenting and managing loans between people and entities who know and trust each other quick & easy. Use Credi’s DIY solution for free or minimal cost or have our DIFM concierge team do it for you at low rates from A$250.

Personal uses include:

  • Lending between friends or family.
  • Lending money to your retirement/pension fund (SMSF, SIPP, SDIRA).
  • Lending money to or from a family trust.
  • Selling your car or boat? Get a better deal by offering a vendor finance loan and secure the loan on the asset

Small Business uses include: 

  • Startup founders seed funding their companies with directors loans not equity.
  • Business owners securing loans to their own business.
  • Businesses providing secured vendor financing loans to trusted clients to close deals and keep financing profits in-house.

Advisors Accountants & Bookkeepers Solution: 

  • Add loan agreement management to your offering
  • Access your own partner edition of Credi or have our concierge team do it for you.

Custom & Whitelabel  Solutions: 

  • Banks. lenders and FinTechs Credi can develop custom solutions to add add relationship lending to your offering & process. 

Credi DIY Personal Solutions

  • Credi Premium is free to use for loans under $2000 or equivalent local currency, see pricing for loans over this amount.
  • Credi Premium for individuals documenting & managing loans to and from friends & family.
  • Credi Premium  is perfect  for documenting & managing loans to & from self managed pensions & SMSF.

Credi Business Solutions

  • Credi Premium for small business owners documenting & managing loans to & from their own & related businesses.
  • You can use Credi as a low cost DIY self serve  solution or if you are short on time use our ‘Do It For Me’ service.
  • For more information contact

Credi Vendor Finance Solution

  • One of the best uses of Credi is for businesses to use it to provide vendor finance to select customers they trust.
  • You know offering vendor finance can help you close more sales, but why let a third party finance company reap the financing profits from your sales.
  • If your cost of money is less than that which your customers are prepared to pay for vendor finance interest you could be substantially increasing your profit.

Credi Do It for Me (DIFM) Solution

    • Whilst Credi Premium is an easy DIY online solution that enables you to setup loan agreements in minutes at a low cost, if you prefer we can do it all for you with an additional one time fee from A$450 on top of  the agreement cost.
    • Perfect for small business operators who are short on time or  whom want the extra peace of mind that its done properly.
    • For more information contact

    Custom & White Label Solutions

    • Credi develops custom white label & co-branded solutions for fintechs, banks, lenders & related companies

    Credi Partner Edition

      • Credi Partner edition a white label solution for accountants to document & manage loans for clients.
      • Credi Partner edition a white label solution for financial planners to document & manage loans for clients.
      • Credi Partner edition is  in closed BETA in Australia, for more information contact
      • Login to Partner edition here