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Budget 2018 leaves “Bank of Mum and Dad” to help first-time buyers

Cpule use bank of mum and dad to buy first house

With over 50% of first-time buyers getting support from ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ , a number of parents were looking to the budget to help shoulder the financial cost of helping their children get into the housing market.

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February 2018

Credi, the online platform for managing a loan agreement between friends or family, has set new records in February 2018. The Credi platform has seen an increase in users managing lending agreements, and this month saw the Credi loan agreement platform reach new heights.

This February 2018 saw $55, 655, 433 AUD loan agreements formalised and managed on the platform. With $123, 815, 39 of these being active/live loan agreements on our platform.

Credi has also made significant growth in international markets with our Indian and Phillipino users topping the fastest growing international markets for the Credi loan agreement platform.

This month the Credi platform reached 2617 active users, overall seeing a 13% increase from last months user statistics.

Keep an eye out for more to come and next months statistics.

It’s easier than ever to get started on a loan agreement between friends or family.

Just head to our signup page and get started. It’s free for loans under $2,000!


Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – Support their growing family

We all lend to family and friends in need. #WhatTheLoan is back again. Recently we had a parent lend to their adult child who needed a loan to support their growing family. Do you have any loan stories to share?

Empowering The Bank of Mum and Dad


Family loan repayment template



Its Time For Credi






Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – Buy a new PlayStation

Have you ever lent to a close family member or friend? We had one user create a loan to his parents for a new PlayStation. Can anyone relate to this #WhatTheLoan?

new playstation




Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – Money When Away on Holiday

One Credi user has helped out a friend by lending them money when they were on holiday. #WhatTheLoan What have you lent or borrowed money for?







Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – To Help Pay for Bills

Another week has gone by and another #WhatTheLoan has arrived. This week a Credi user built a loan is to “help pay for bills.”

pay for bills




Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – To Pay for School Fees

We all lend to family and friends in need. Do you have any loan stories to share? #WhatTheLoan is back again! On Credi’s platform, we had a lender help pay for school fees.

pay for school fees



Don’t be in debt – Formalise loans between family and friends

Turn the informal process of lending to family and friends into a simple and easy agreement by using Credi. Document, formalise and manage your loan with friends and family members all in one place.



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Credi’s #WhatTheLoan – To Help Fund a Small Business

Another week down, and here’s to another #WhatTheLoan! Recently we had a lender help out their close friend fund a small business.

Have you ever lent to a close family member or friend?

fund a small business