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What is Credi?

Credi is a web-based app specially designed to allow you to create, manage and automate your personal lending with friends, family members and business associates.

Credi protects your relationships by formalising the process, preventing disagreements and problems from arising.


  • Loan Builder

Create a completely customisable loan agreement in minutes. Simply complete the required fields including the amount, term, start date, fee (if any) and repayment dates.

  • Loan Negotiation

Credi lets both parties customise and negotiate the terms of the loan until you’re happy to sign the contract.

  • eSigned Contract

Once both parties have agreed to the loan terms they can provide their esignature and generate the PDF document.

  • Manage Repayments

Credi’s platform allows the lender to mark repayments as paid, overdue, or forgiven each repayment. Payments can also be amended and the repayments schedule will automatically update reflecting the amendment.

  • Full Revision History

Credi records all changes and tracks them in the agreement, payment history and future repayments – so everything is in one place.