Discover how our latest feature makes it easier for you to finalise a new loan offer

In the Credi Partner loan builder there is now a screen that helps you check all details are correct and confirm you are ready to finalise the loan.

Once a loan is finalised by a Partner, it is no longer available to edit. That’s why this new step in our loan builder makes building loans for clients even easier.

In the screenshot above you can see:

  • confirmation of the loan offer details
  • links to update any details if needed
  • a clear explanation of what happens next

When you Finalise a loan offer, you can not make any further changes to the loan offer yourself, and this also triggers a sequence of events that may include:

  • Sending a notification to both the lender and the borrower
  • Sending a notification to the lender only
  • Sending a notification to the borrower only
  • Generating the loan offer as a PDF to be downloaded (old school loans only)

It’s worth noting that your clients are able to amend any of the loan details if they desire. 

This could mean updating the loan amount, the repayment schedule or any interest rate that is applied to the loan.