Credi for a small to medium size businesses.

Manage your loan agreement with YOUR business 


An Engineering firm has a $500k loan from a director to his business. The director needs to secure the assets of the business against the loan. His accountant put the loan on the Credi platform, the loan is then documented. The agreement now has repayment reminders and is placed on the PSSR register. He can access all the loan agreement information on the platform. 

Protecting he’s agreements within he’s businesses.

Agreement Types


Create standard loan agreements between 2 parties  (borrower and lender)

Division 7A

Create loan agreements for private companies to their shareholders for Division 7A loans. Simplify company loan management.


General Security Loan Agreement including registration on the PPSR


SMSF loans can borrowed by the SMSF entity type.

Benfits Of Using Credi

  • Easily generate loan agreements

Create a completely customisable loan agreement in minutes. Simply complete the required fields including the amount, term, start date, fee (if any) and repayment dates.

  • Everyone is kept up to date

Email and SMS repayment reminders keep the lender and borrower up to date.

  • Stay Flexible

Amendments to loans and any changes are recorded and updated through the Credi communication engine.

  • Never misplace a loan agreement

Documentation for Credi loan agreements is available online 24/7.

  • Save Money

Save time and money creating loan agreements quickly and easily.

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