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Tight lending conditions set to increase first-home buyers’ reliance on bank of Mum and Dad


First-home buyers are expected to increasingly rely on the bank of mum and dad to get on the property ladder, despite improving affordability in Australia’s biggest housing markets.

Experts say tighter lending conditions mean more buyers will require parental assistance to buy a home, even though median house prices have fallen in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Are advisers at risk of losing wealth across generations?

Financial planners are being urged to consider what happens to their business models if they fail to ensure that the wealth they currently advise on stays with the firm as it is passed down the generations.

A host of reports over the past few year have identified a growing need for advisers to come up with ways to ensure families and children of existing clients are well served and stick with the firm as the typical baby-boomer client bank ages.

As one of its 11 trends to watch in a report in July last year, SEI noted that the size of the traditional client bank of over 50-year-olds is a highly competitive space in wealth management, but because even most new clients are in their fifties and younger generations lean on the Bank of Mum and Dad more and more, areas like estate planning must be at the forefront of advisers’ minds.

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Credi Partner

Protect your trusted relationships.

Credi Partner is a comprehensive loan management system, adding to the Credi suite. Quickly administer loan agreements on the Credi Partner platform on your client’s behalf – enquire now.


Did you see Credi CEO – Tim Dean’s interview for CPA’s InTheBlack?

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We all want to help out where we can when it comes to family but it’s important to have the right documentation in place in order to stop potential heartache and risk of default.

“Tim Dean, founder of cloud-based loan documentation (and management) service Credi, believes a simple paperwork process, which keeps both parties on their toes, is the answer. The idea of going to a lawyer to draw up an agreement would not excite most parties, Dean says, and yet documentation will remove that uneasy conversation about last month’s missing repayment. Dean’s site has a loan-builder module which, he says, can do the complicated maths and present the loan in an easily digestible package.

“Some people deal in rates, while others say: ‘I’ll lend you A$100,000; you can repay me A$101,000 back in two years’ time’. Others may want monthly repayments. The platform can handle all the different scenarios,” says Dean.”


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The newest addition to Fintech Australia’s board Tim Dean Credi’s CEO

For the newest addition to Fintech Australia’s board, the name of the game is helping WA find its place.

Tim Dean, founder and CEO of relationship-based lending app Credi, will join the board of Fintech Australia following CrowdfundUP founder Jack Quigley’s departure.

Fintech Australia is the fintech industry’s national body, providing everything from networking to advocacy.

Tim said he’s hoping to help WA fintechs, who according to EY currently make up 9% of the industry nationally, carve out their own niche.

“[I’ll] be meeting in August [with the CEO of Fintech Australia] to nut out a whole bunch of initiatives that bring fintech in Western Australia into the fold on a more inclusive basis, but also … to develop some initiatives that give fintech WA its own identity,” he said.

“Having an identity is useful because everyone needs a role to play, and it can be a home for a relationship with Asia, then that suddenly can build as a core strength to its offering.”

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Credi’s Tim Dean joins Fintech Australia board

Stone & Chalk head to lead FinTech Australia board

The not-for-profit organisation representing Australian fintechs has elected Alan Tsen as chair of the board.

Mr Tsen, who leads fintech co-working community Stone & Chalk Melbourne, replaces the retiring chair, MoneyPlace CEO Stuart Stoyan, who had taken on the role at the start of the year following the departure of FinTech Australia founder Simon Cant.

Along with Mr Stoyan, FinTech Australia said that Natalie Dinsdale, Lucy Lui and Jack Quigley are also departing.

The board of directors now include Mr Tsen, Tim Dean, Emma Weston, Luke Howes, Paul King, Melissa Mack, Niels Maartens, Lauren Capelin and Carla Harris.

The lobby group claims that, with a ratio of four women to five men on the board, it has “exceeded” its gender diversity requirements.

FinTech Australia last month announced the appointment of Uber’s former head of public policy and government relations, Brad Kitschke, who replaced Danielle Szetho.

At the time, the organisation said that one of Mr Kitschke’s priorities as CEO will be to drive FinTech Australia’s advocacy to introduce an open banking regime, which will require banks to provide customers and third parties with access to customer data where permitted.

The new CEO also said in May that he will be promoting the nation’s fintechs, which have grown from 100 companies in 2014 to nearly 700 by the middle of 2017, as “genuine” alternatives to major industry players, especially after damning revelations of inappropriate conduct during the financial services royal commission.




May 2018

Credi May 2018 Stats

Credi, the platform for managing your loan agreements, had a great May 2018.

May saw us reach $68,909,298 AUD loan agreements formalised and managed. With $16,551,776 of these being active/live loan agreements.

We also saw a 4.6% increase in our total user base to 3836.


What is Credi Partner?

Credi Partner enables finance professionals to enhance the service they provide to their clients in a smart and cost effective manner by streamlining the administration of client’s loan agreements. Loan types include:

  • Standard – a basic loan agreement one borrower and one lender
  • Division 7A – loans made by private companies to their shareholders
  • Secured – loans secured by an asset other than real property (e.g. company assets, motor vehicles, boats etc.)

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‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ – equal to £5.7bn mortgage lender

Research suggests that ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ will be behind more than one in four home purchases. As cash-poor children fail to find £18,000 deposit. Parents are starting to feel the strain as the average contribution has fallen from £21,600 last year to a projected £18,000 in 2018.

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Credi empowers ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’

Seamlessly managing your loan agreements avoiding potential disputes. Create loan agreements in under 5 minutes with friends, family or colleagues. Notifications are automatically sent to the borrower when repayments are overdue, forgiven, cleared or failed. Sign up for Credi.

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Budget 2018 leaves “Bank of Mum and Dad” to help first-time buyers

Cpule use bank of mum and dad to buy first house

With over 50% of first-time buyers getting support from ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ , a number of parents were looking to the budget to help shoulder the financial cost of helping their children get into the housing market.

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CEO Tim Dean live on Channel 9 News


Formalise loan agreements with Credi

If you have a business associate, friend or family member who you would like to lend to or borrow from, you can use Credi to document the process.


ABC interviews the principal of Digital Finance Analytic about ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’

The principal of Digital Finance Analytics discusses with ABC News ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ financing home loans across the country. As new figures were released this week. Now the country’s 10th largest lender. ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ is around $20 billion worth.

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Empowering ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’

Credi is an efficient, cost-effective means of formalising loan agreements between family members, friends and businesses. It can reduce potential stress and heartache. Spend less time worrying you can create custom agreements in under 5 minutes.


What is Credi Partner?

Credi Partner is a comprehensive loan management system, adding to the Credi suite. Quickly create and manage formal loan agreements on the Credi Partner platform on your client’s behalfenquire now