This article explains how to add new team members to your Credi Partner account.

Note: to add new team members in your Credi Partner account, you must have “Owner” level permissions.

Adding team members into your Credi Partner account is easy to do and can be completed in a few minutes.

To start, navigate to the “Team” page under “Your Practice”.

The “Your Practice” menu shown above will not be visible if you do not have the right user permissions.

From here you can see all of your team members and have the ability to invite more people to join your account.

To invite a team member to join your account, click on the “Add Member” button to get started.

From here you can your team member’s name, email, title and permissions.

There are three different levels of user permissions to choose from in the drop down options under “Permissions”.

This setting gives the team member the highest level of permissions available in your Credi Partner account. 

This setting is a step below the Owner role, however comes with more administrative rights than a restricted member account.

This is the lowest level of access for team members and restricts them for accessing any account level administrative functions.

To jump straight into adding a new team member now, click the button below.