Lending Money to Family or Business Can Be Dangerous - How Safe Are Your Loans?

Protecting Your Loans With Credi is Easy

Why Risk Lending Money To Your Family Or Your Business Without Protection?

Credi's Online Loan Management Platform Makes It Easy For Lenders To Protect Their Loans, Reduce Their Risk And Formalise Agreements Without Awkward Money Talk...

  • Simple & Fast Way To Protect Loans

Building a loan agreement that you can send to your family or your business to acknowledge your loan and the repayment terms has never been easier. Protect loans takes minutes (not weeks) with Credi.

  • Saves You Thousands on Legal Fees

When lending money to friends, family or your business, involving a lawyer can send the wrong message and add significant financial costs to the deal. Credi loan agreements are affordable and effective.

  • Saves You Stressing Over Templates

Credi helps you do much more than just document a loan agreement. We give you and your borrowers a full service loan management tool that includes a repayment schedule and records activity for the lifetime of the loan.

  • Gives You Complete Flexibility

The Credi Loan Builder makes it easy to create flexible repayment terms for your loans including interest rates, penalty fees, balloon payments and much more. Build your loan exactly how you want it.

  • Option To Add Security Over Assets

Our Secured Loan Solution gives you the option to add security over assets and register this on the PPSR. This can be used to protect your investment in the loan until it is repaid in full and minimise your chance of any defaults.

  • Free For Loans Under $2000!

Loans under $2,000 are FREE on Credi. Creating an online record of the money that is owed to you and managing the repayments until the loan is repaid in full can be done at no cost!

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How it works

It’s never been faster, easier or more affordable to protect loans to your family or your business. 

Here’s how Credi works to streamline the process, saving hours of time and thousands in costly legal fees.

Setup Loan Solution

Our online loan builder makes it easy to setup all the relevant details for your loan solution. Simply enter the details of both entities (lender and borrower), details of the loan and the repayment schedule. This takes minutes, not weeks!

eSign Agreement

Once the loan details are all confirmed, Credi makes it easy for both entities to reach agreement online and eSign to make everything official. The whole process is managed online – no printing, no meetings, no ink, just sign online and it’s done!

Manage Repayments

Once the loan has been agreed by both entities, Credi has features for ongoing loan management so you can note if and when a payment is missed, plus calculate any interest or penalty fees online without messy spreadsheets. 

Start Protecting Your Loans With Credi Today

Choose the loan solution that best suits your needs

Secured Loan

For loans that need extra security
$ 1450 One time fee
  • Create Secured Loan Agreement
  • Secure Loan With Assets
  • Send to Borrower to Sign
  • Manage Repayments Online
  • Credi Live Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the PPSR?

PPSR stands for Personal Property Securities Register. The register offers your business excellent risk protection. By having a loan agreement registered in the PPSR, you have an extra level of security around your loan agreement. You can learn more about the PPSR at ppsr.gov.au

  • How does the PPSR registration work?

When a secured loan agreement is created and agreed through the Credi platform, we register those details in the PPSR to protect the lender with extra security as a form of risk protection.

  • Can I edit the loan agreement before it is sent to the borrower?

Yes – when you proceed to the loan builder there are multiple steps where you can review the details of the loan agreement before it is shared with the borrower. Until the point that both entities have signed the agreement, it is easy to change any part of the documentation.

  • Are there any ongoing fees?

At this stage Credi charges no ongoing fees and provides loan management services for free. When you purchase a loan solution, you will be given access to the loan builder, loan agreement and repayment schedule for a flat one time fee.

  • Can I add special conditions?

Yes, there is an option in the loan builder to add special conditions for the loan. You can also add penalty fees if desired.

  • What about removing the PPSR security?

The fees for this service include registration and de-registration with the PPSR, so when the loan is repaid we will update the PPSR to reflect this for you and the borrower.

  • Does Credi provide support to users of this service?

Yes we do! You can take advantage of live chat support, call our office to speak to the team directly or send us a message via customersupport@credi.com