Limited to the first 200 accounts


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Limited to the first 200 accounts

What is Credi Partner?​

Credi Partner delivers client loan management via today’s finance professional.

Credi Partner is used by accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners. It includes client, entity and loan management. This enables finance professionals to enhance the service they provide to their clients in a smart and cost effective manner.

Easily create and manage formal loan agreements with Credi Partner.



Basic loan between two (2) entities – One borrower and One Lender (joint borrowers/lenders to be added soon)


Division 7A

Loans made by private companies to their shareholders. Simplify your management of these loans



Loans secured by an asset other than real property (e.g. company assets, motor vehicles, boats etc.)

Credi is a web-based app specially designed to allow you to create, manage and automate your personal lending with friends, family members and business acquaintances. Credi does not lend money, it is simply the software that helps you manage and formalise your lending and borrowing with another party.

Credi Partner is a comprehensive loan management system, adding to the Credi suite. Easily create and manage formal loan agreements on the Credi Partner platform on your clients behalf. 

Credi Loans are templated loan agreements that allow predefined data to be collected and documented, e-signed and managed.

Example loans are Standard Fixed and Variable Interest Rate, Flat Fee, Division 7a and PPSR.

A Client in Credi Partner is a Credi user, these are your customers, they have individual and corporate entities, and these can have loans attached to them.

Credi Partner is billed per agreement, which means you only pay for your usage.

At the end of the month in which agreements are created or per annum agreement fees are billed at the end of the following and subsequent financial years for the life of the loan. To find out more about billing and pricing please see Credi Partner pricing page.

Credi Partner is a web-based application accessible from any device. There is no download required at all.


Partner Pricing

Pay As You Go

Unsecured loan agreements (Fixed Rate)

$200+gst Per Agreement

Division 7A Loan Agreements

$180+gst Per Client, Per Annum

  • Unlimited members
  • Only pay for your usage
  • Unlimited clients
  • No setup, monthly or hidden fees
  • Agreement fees are billed at the end of the month in which they are created.
  • Per annum agreement fees are billed at the end of the following and subsequent financial years for the life of the loan (until loan end date year)
  • Fees are invoiced at the end of the month and are payable within 30 days or services may be interrupted
  • Clients that are removed from a Partners Account will have their per annum agreement services suspended until they are added to another Credi Partner

Manage loan agreements for your clients

* Please read the terms and conditions below for details of this offer

The Fine Print

  • Eligibility

    Credi Partner is currently only available to Australian based businesses within the financial services industry.
    Credi Partner will be expanding in to other countries and other industries. Register your interest here to learn more about the Credi Partner roadmap.

  • Account Credit

    Credi Partner is offering a AU$5,000 account credit, which can be applied against client loan agreements built using Credi Partner. This offer is limited to the first 200 registered Credi Partner accounts, and limited to this promotion only.

    Free account credit is valid for a period of 120 days from date of account activation. Requests for extension of complimentary credit is at the sole discretion of Credi Pty Ltd and must be received via email to before the expiry of the complimentary credit term.

  • Invoicing & Payments

    Payment for Credi Partner is via direct deposit. When you commence billing clients within Credi Partner, you will need to add bank details for the direct deposit to be withdrawn from. Any account credits will be applied against your invoice prior to direct deposit.
    Credi reserves the right to suspend an account if the balance remains outstanding for more than 30 days.