Track and manage repayment

Credi generates a customised PDF loan agreements

Manage loan agreements
between family, friends, and colleagues

Benfits Of Using Credi

  • Easily generate loan agreements

Create a completely customisable loan agreement in minutes. Simply complete the required fields including the amount, term, start date, fee (if any) and repayment dates.

  • Everyone is kept up to date

Email and SMS repayment reminders keep the lender and borrower up to date.

  • Stay Flexible

Amendments to loans and any changes are recorded and updated through the Credi communication engine.

  • Never misplace a loan agreement

Documentation for Credi loan agreements is available online 24/7.

  • Save Money

Save time and money creating loan agreements quickly and easily.

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I used Credi to help a friend, its great. It keeps the agreement clear and the structure and notifications makes him want to pay me back faster to save on interest.

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