What is Credi Partner?

Credi Partner is a comprehensive loan management system, adding to the Credi suite. Easily create and manage formal loan agreements on the Credi Partner platform on your clients behalf.

What Are Credi Loan Agreements?

Credi Loans are templated loan agreements that allow predefined data to be collected and documented, e-signed and managed.

Example loans are Standard Fixed and Variable Interest Rate, Flat Fee, Division 7a and PPSR.

What is a Client in Credi Partner?

A Client in Credi Partner is a Credi user, these are your customers, they have individual and corporate entities, and these can have loans attached to them.

How is Credi Partner billed?

Credi Partner is billed per agreement, which means you only pay for your usage.

At the end of the month in which agreements are created or per annum agreement fees are billed at the end of the following and subsequent financial years for the life of the loan. To find out more about billing and pricing please see Credi Partner pricing page.

Is Credi Partner software I need to download?

Credi Partner is a web-based application accessible from any device. There is no download required at all.