Are you at risk?
If you have loan agreements that have gone undocumented and are not managed your at risk of default. Credi offers solutions for you, with documented, managed loan agreements and PPSR registration.
Risks of non formalised loan agreements
  • Non documentation can lead to repayments not being recorded accurately
  • Potential relationship break down in the absence of documented loan agreements including terms and repayment schedules to rely on
  • Risk of default of the previously agreed repayment terms

Benfits Of Using Credi

  • Easily generate loan agreements

Create a completely customisable loan agreement in minutes. Simply complete the required fields including the amount, term, start date, fee (if any) and repayment dates.

  • Everyone is kept up to date

Email and SMS repayment reminders keep the lender and borrower up to date.

  • Stay Flexible

Amendments to loans and any changes are recorded and updated through the Credi communication engine.

  • Never misplace a loan agreement

Documentation for Credi loan agreements is available online 24/7.

  • Save Money

Save time and money creating loan agreements quickly and easily.