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About is a world-first relationship-lending platform. We empower ‘The Bank of Us’; quick & easy formalised loan agreements with family, friends or businesses.

Credi makes documenting and managing loans simple, fast & affordable. Trusted by over 5,000 people worldwide. Takes minutes to setup. All online.


Lending between related parties is a massive global market – whether it’s low-value loans between individuals, parents providing the deposit for a house, seed funding for start up businesses or businesses lending to directors.

Loans between related parties can have comparatively low financial costs , and have lower approval hurdles compared to traditional loans. Parents lend to children, friends to friends, and businesses to related businesses – providing the borrower with an easier route to receiving money. is a world-first relationship-lending platform that empowers ‘The Bank of Us’. It is an efficient, cost-effective means of formalising loan agreements between family members, friends and businesses. It reduces the stress, heartache and potential risk of default.


To empower individuals to manage their financial loan arrangements with others – leveraging these important relationships with properly established, documented and managed agreements throughout their existence.

To support and promote accountability, transparency and fairness in peoples financial dealings with each other through a world class cloud based application.

To reduce friction and inspire trust in loan agreements entered into.

Tim Dean


30 years global Fintech experience at board. From running international operations at global accounting software businesses, to growing and establishing major online financial services businesses in the UK and Australia servicing hundreds of thousands of consumers.

I currently serve as board member of Fintech Australia.

Key People

Tim Dean, CEO

I have spent my career in financial technology, from early years at what is now SAGE – one of the world’s leading accounting software companies – running international operations in South Africa – to a string of ventures in financial hubs across the globe. I have served on industry bodies to promote best industry practice and work with regulators and government to promote responsible lending.

About 3 years ago I bought Australia’s first P2P operation. To realise the vision for easy, quick peer-peer loan documentation and management, I established a team to deliver a global, social lending platform connecting family, friends and businesses.

Credi in the Media

Top 10 Trending Startup | Techboard 2017 WA Awards. More..

“We want to take the pressure off families by turning informal agreements into credible, manageable and formal ones…” More..

Tim Dean takes a place on the Fintech Australia board in 2018. More..

Available for media interviews and appearances

Tim K. Dean, Credi Founder | Commentator & Expert on Family Lending, Bank of Mum & Dad and Neo-Credit Scores. More…


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