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How to make and save money documenting a related party loan

Documenting a loan agreement to a related party is crucial – so why is it so rarely done? It’s the nature of the relationship between the parties to the loan that puts this important piece of administration onto the “do it tomorrow“ list. Organising a documented loan with a friend or business partner changes the relationship from a personal to a business relationship. Then there is the prospect of seeking formal advice and negotiation which could result in disagreements and friction. It all sounds too hard; ‘we’ll be alright…right?’

Relationship loans are a huge part of the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) landscape. Businesses borrow billions of pounds from related parties to support their ambitions, yet fail to recognise the material risk to the transaction when they remain undocumented, leaving the ambiguity of a long forgotten conversation to raise its ugly head down the track. The relationship that underpinned the loan is then threatened, and may even break.

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February 2018

Credi, the online platform for managing a loan agreement between friends or family, has set new records in February 2018. The Credi platform has seen an increase in users managing lending agreements, and this month saw the Credi loan agreement platform reach new heights.

This February 2018 saw $55, 655, 433 AUD loan agreements formalised and managed on the platform. With $123, 815, 39 of these being active/live loan agreements on our platform.

Credi has also made significant growth in international markets with our Indian and Phillipino users topping the fastest growing international markets for the Credi loan agreement platform.

This month the Credi platform reached 2617 active users, overall seeing a 13% increase from last months user statistics.

Keep an eye out for more to come and next months statistics.

It’s easier than ever to get started on a loan agreement between friends or family.

Just head to our signup page and get started. It’s free for loans under $2,000!


Should you start a loan agreement between friends?

Would you start a loan agreement between friends?

Lending a friend $20 a few days away from pay-day is not a big deal, but what if a friend asks to borrow a significant amount of money? Or if a parent lends a child money that they can’t afford to give up for good.

TODAY looked at the smart ways to lend to friends and family.

Source: https://www.9saver.com.au/banking/3149/is-lending-your-money-ever-a-good-idea



Credi User Stats – January 2018

Credi takes up Internationally.

In December we quietly opened up our platform to 51 countries, and organically we are seeing usage spread globally. Our strategy remains to formally establish a presence in the UK in by mid-2018, and then accelerate through partnerships and strategic alliances.

Australia is still our dominant marketplace, and with our partner program imminently launching, we are continuing a local focus – mindful of the opportunities that are presenting themselves internationally.

We welcome any opportunities to partner / collaborate – and my team or I can be reached via partners@credi.com.

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