March 2018

Credi Monthly Stat image March 2018

Credi, the platform for managing your loan agreements, had a great March 2018.

March saw us reach $57,840,697 AUD loan agreements formalised and managed. With $13,306,168 of these being active/live loan agreements.

We also saw a 35% increase in our total user base to 3546, largely attributed to our global expansion.

Credi Partner Australian Launch

March also saw the Australian launch of Credi Partner at ABE18 in Sydney.

Credi Partner empowers accountants, bookkeepers and finance professionals to create and manage loan agreements for their customers, streamlining the administration of customer loan agreements and providing detailed analytics for loan activity and reporting. Credi Partner enables finance professionals to create and manage a variety of loans, including:

  • Standard – a basic loan agreement one borrower and one lender
  • Division 7A – loans made by private companies to their shareholders
  • Secured – loans secured by an asset other than real property (e.g. company assets, motor vehicles, boats etc.)

Find out more about Credi Partner.

Credi is currently offering a $5,000 partner account credit to help your business manage customer loan agreements, but hurry this offer is strictly limited – apply now.

Stay tuned for next months stats and features and remember it’s easy to formalise and manage loans between friends, family and colleagues. Simple head to the sign-up page and create a free account. And as always, loan agreements under $2000 are free.


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Credi only provides a platform that allows friends, family and third parties to originate, negotiate and conclude loan agreements amongst themselves.

Credi does not provide legal advice, monitor or assess, agree, approve or decline any loan requests nor does the platform perform any funds transfer services.

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Nothing on this site should be considered is legal advice and you should consult a lawyer in your area to get specific legal advice and certainty of your legal rights and obligations.

The use of the Credi platform is governed by Credi’s Terms of Use.

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