New Zealand Herald digs deep to find out about the new Fintech in town

New Zealand Herald - CREDI The loan agreement platform

Credi.com, last month, announced the launch of its platform in New Zealand. Now with only a week to go, the New Zealand Herald has dug deep to find out what to expect from Credi’s fintech platform.

The main question on their mind was ‘the level of protection for users’. But CEO Tim Dean reassured them that the loan agreements were legally binding.

Dean states that “People are lending millions of dollars to friends and family, not because they want to make money out of them, but because they want to help them out and they just want to have a structure that means they don’t have to talk about it, and if there’s ever a problem ‘this is what we said, there’s no dispute’.”

Read the article in full below.


Credit: NZ Herald Staff Reporter

Source: New Zealand Herald



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