DailyFintech Announces – Credi Starts Exporting to the World

Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech.com last week announced Credi’s roll out to the world. Along with another lending platform, Daily Fintech shared both companies goal to launch in New Zealand this coming month.

The fintech news publication shared with its followers the unique idea behind Credi. Not lending money directly, however, formalising and managing loan agreements between family and friends.

DailyFintech goes on to highlight Credi’s goal at the very start to understand the market dynamics by commissioning a report by RMIT University in Melbourne. The results were interesting, to say the least, and has helped Credi find it’s niche. In turn, helping their platform manage $32 million of loans to this day.

The article then summarises Credi’s niche in helping formalise and manage inter-generational wealth transfers and family/relationship lending.

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Credit: Jessica Ellerm

Source: dailyfintech.com/



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Credi only provides a platform that allows friends, family and third parties to originate, negotiate and conclude loan agreements amongst themselves.

Credi does not provide legal advice, monitor or assess, agree, approve or decline any loan requests nor does the platform perform any funds transfer services.

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