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Startup daily credi feature

Credi, the fintech platform that ‘formalises loans among family and friends to reduce friction’ was featured in this month’s stories of  Startup Daily.

Startup Daily mentions the various lending fintech companies, then introduces Credi, the unique platform with a new approach to relationship lending. They further highlight Credi’s innovative idea of facilitating and managing the lending process, without ‘actually touching any loans or connecting borrowers to lenders’.

Startup Daily identifies at the start of a loan, between family and friends, it starts out with both parties having the best intentions. However, things can quickly turn sour as there is rarely clearly-stated terms or agreements. As a result, relationships become at risk and sometimes issues arise.

Tim Dean, CEO of Credi, perfectly states in the article, “We want to save relationships from the strain of financial dealings by turning informal agreements into credible, manageable and formal ones. We believe that by looking after reminders, calendaring and contracting on behalf of the lender and borrower we are removing the most fraught aspects of relationship loans.”

Credit: Gina Baldassare




NOTE: The views and opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Credi Pty Ltd.

Credi Pty Ltd (Credi) is not a bank, provider of legal advice or a financial lender.

Credi only provides a platform that allows friends, family and third parties to originate, negotiate and conclude loan agreements amongst themselves.

Credi does not provide legal advice, monitor or assess, agree, approve or decline any loan requests nor does the platform perform any funds transfer services.

Credi is not a law firm or legal practise, is not engaged in a legal practise and Credi does not act as lawyers or provide a legal service.

Nothing on this site should be considered is legal advice and you should consult a lawyer in your area to get specific legal advice and certainty of your legal rights and obligations.

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