Credi.com one of Techflier’s 2017 Top 7 FinTech Startups from Perth

Techflier's 2017 Top Fintech Graphic

Techflier’s 2017 Top Fintech report  showcased Credi.com as one of Perth’s top 7 Fintech startups.  Boasting Credi.com as one of Perth’s hottest ‘set to disrupt the financial services industry in Australia in 2017 and beyond’.

In case you’re not too sure what ‘fintech’ is an abbreviation for financial technology. A perfect example of financial technology is your everyday banking app. However, that’s just a small aspect of this ever-growing area of technology. Even though it’s a relatively new specialty of technology, the growth in platforms and apps, is constantly increasing.

Techflier’s article highlights Perth’s potential to become a leader in the Fintech world, with local organisations such as FinTech Perth paving the way by supporting local Fintech innovators.

Credit: Audrey Lim

Source: www.techflier.com/





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