Becoming your own personal loan specialist

Personal loan specialist

What if I told you there was a way to get a little more money out of your parents. That there’s a perfect way to show them that you’re responsible, reliable and financially savvy – and, well, become your own personal loan specialist!

Just like every person these days likes to retort ‘google it’, I’ll just say to you #CrediMe!

What’s Credi? Well, have no fear, cos I’m here to give you the insider on the little financial technology (fintech) company I call home., a vital piece of fintech, is one of the fastest growing lending platforms in Australia. We’re an online platform that helps all you millennials and the ‘Bank of mum and dad’ (BOMAD), set up a loan online, document the details, create a repayment schedule, and formalise everything with an agreement and E-signing component. Our fintech platform has already helped hundreds of Australian businesses, friends and families formalise their loans and then manage them – protecting their relationships, avoiding disagreements.

So why not be your own personal loan specialist and set up a loan today. Just add your details, suss out your own repayment details and negotiate the loan like a boss.

Because hey, if Tim Gurner can get his little old grandpa to give him a $34,000 ‘kickstarter’ and become a millionaire, surely we can get a smidge from our parents.

So let’s prove the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ wrong and show them we got our s**t together. Well, together enough to write in a few details into a platform and in turn get more money to pursue the beautiful things in life….such as that Contiki trip to Europe that’s been on your mind. They might even be so impressed by you making it a formal agreement that they may forgive the loan.




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