Credi.com sets new records by processing its largest loan

Set new record processing its largest loan

Credi.com, the platform that powers “the Bank of Mum and Dad” – has set a new record by processing its largest loan. A Credi.com user processed a loan with a related party for $ 950 K in June.

Tim Dean, Credi.com CEO commented. We are still digesting our launch, yet the uptick in customer acquisition over the last 30 days has been very encouraging. We are still pre any direct program marketing, yet through PR and word of mouth, we have grown by over 75% in live loans on our platform. Credi.com users are documenting property transactions, car purchases, startup costs and loan consolidation. From $ 950,000 for property purchases to $ 60 for a pair of shoes.

Over the next three months, we will see our partner program launch and product extensions to cover a variety of loan types.



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