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Why Do I Need Credi?

Your chances of borrowing money from friends and family are significantly higher if you agree the loan in writing at the beginning. Australians use Credi to formalise their loans and then manage them - protecting their relationships, avoiding disagreements. Credi is changing the way we lend to each other. Now you can create, negotiate and accept loan agreements with people you know. Credi provides the platform that gives transparency, flexibility and formality to informal agreements.


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Save Time

Our online software service can help you create your custom loan agreement in minutes

Protect Relationships

Credi can help stop disagreements and problems before they start, and help you protect your relationships.

Keep up to date

Remembering payments dates or hassling others about payments is a pain. Our email/SMS payment reminders keep the lender and borrower up to date.

Stay Organised

Credi will manage the tracking of payments, allowing the lender to mark as overdue, forgiven, cleared or failed any repayment and notify the borrower.

Save Money

Our service is a cost effective way to help guide you through the process of lending and borrowing to people you know.

Stay Flexible

During the loan, any changes are recorded and communicated – keeping everyone up to date at all times.

Credi Features

Credi is the new way to manage loans between family and friends. Look at our features below.

Loan Builder

Build your own customised loan. Select amount, term, start date, fee(if any), repayment dates, you choose.

Loan Negotiation

Use the Credi platform to send your loan request out, and negotiate and change the terms until they are agreed.

eSigned Contract

Once agreed , contracts are eSIGNED by both parties and legally binding contracts are issued.

Loan Notifications

Alerts via email and SMS notify the borrower of forthcoming repayments, and any requests for repayment changes.

Manage Repayments

Repayment management looks after repayments, on time, early, late , underpayment , overpayment – updating the system and amending the future repayments schedule automatically.

Full Revision History

Changes are recorded, and Credi tracks any changes in the agreement , payment history and future repayments – so everything is in one place.

How Safe & Secure is Credi?

Credi is not only safe and secure, but it is also fully compliant when it comes to handling your data and protecting you as a customer. We take this very seriously.

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